Q: If I buy music from the shop, how long time will it take before I get it?
A: You will be able to download your ordered song(s) right after payment.

Q: I haven't received a mail with a download link for my order?
A: We do not send mails as many IPS marks these mails as spam - After payment you will be guided back to your downloads, if you here not able to download at that time, just login in to your account and choose "downloads" on the left hand side.

Q: Is the music here produced by NB-Productions?
A: No. These are labels that are doing their own music. NB-Productions is strictly their distributor. The individual producers retain all rights and responsibilities to what they are producing.

Q: If I want more information, where do I send an Email?
A: Send any inquiries to: feedback@another-beat.net. You can be assured your mail will be forwarded to the right person.

Q: I have some recorded some music. How do I become part of Another-Beat?
A: Send an Email to: feedback@another-beat.net. We will let you know how the process works.

Q: Is any of this music available on vinyl?
A: No. The production of vinyl records is expensive and sometimes the quality is "spotty" at best. By staying with the MP3 format, we are able to pass some savings on to our supporters. Both New-Beat and Another-Beat are about today and tomorrow's technology. Unfortunately, vinyl is "yesterdays' " technology.